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Global Tax Project

4 Feb

Good afternoon!

Quick update from my last post first, in which I was being a bit moany about the lack of direction for our project. Well, I’ve been given a map! We are now fitting nicely into a full project plan, and just a week in we are already making real progress which is putting me in a great mood!

Within the main project I am currently tackling another project (Thats some inception stuff right there). It took a little while for both myself and my client to fully understand the requirements, but having got there I will try my best to make them clear to you.

The backgroud:

The management group, who I am developing this for, are in charge of ensuring that all the companies around the world meet their deadlines in relation to submitting their tax forms. There are about 30 countries they need to keep track of, and within each country there are about seven companies.

The requirements:

1. Each country’s dates should be easily viewable by everyone who needs them, and all dates must be viewable by the guys in the management group.

2. Each company should only be able to see their own tasks/status.

3. Delegates within the company who are responsible for submission of tax forms should be able to re-assign the task if necessary.

4. Management group should be able to view the status of each company.

Thats it in a nutshell. There are a few more minor ones, but for the time being I’m working on major functionality and I can make it pretty later.

The decision I have made is to utilise SharePoints out of the box Calendar functionality along with the OOB task list – with some (supposedly) helpful input from SharePoint Designer 2010.

My planned design:

A calendar for each country: Since each company within the same country is required to meet the same deadlines there will be one calendar in which to keep track of the necessary dates

An overall calendar: Using SharePoint calendar overlays I will create one extra calendar (with no events inserted) on which I will put an overlay from each country so that the team at the management group can see an overview of what is due.

A task list for individuals: The individual (or team) which is responsible for meeting the deadline will have a task assigned to him/herself so they can keep track of the deadline from here.

SPD 2010: A workflow will be designed to assign a task whenever a new deadline is added to the calendar. Another workflow will update the original calendar once a company has marked their task as complete – this is for the benefit of the management group, to keep track of progress.

I have a fortnight to get the proof of concept up and running (as well as other things on my plate).

(Just a really quick side note: I love that wordpress saves drafts while writing! My IE {Yes I know… But i have to use it for work.} just crashed and I thought I’d lost everything. I was not a happy bunny).

I am just getting underway with this project. I have the basic structure in place, but I’m having difficulty with the simplest of workflows. I keep receiving a “Workflow Failed on Start” error. When/is I ever get the bottom of it I will stick a post up about how I fixed it. If anyone has any experience of this please get in touch!

I’ll be back.

UPDATE: I could not find a solution to this issue so passed it over to one of our consultants. The error occurrs when attempting to start the workflow as a standard user and even as the admin, however it works when carried out with the system account. No closer to solving this problem, but looks like its a workflow management permissions issue. I’ll keep you updated.